The Lord recently blessed me with a new job. As I prepared for my start date, I was asked to participate in a three-day training to familiarize myself with the new team and high-level requirements of the business. On the first day of the training, I received an email from my boss’s boss inviting me and other colleagues to dinner. As I checked the identities of the other colleagues, I discovered I was the only one holding a low position. Dear Lord, please help me, I said to myself. What would I say? How would I present myself? All these worries caused me to lose my appetite, and I wished the dinner would quickly come and go. Nervousness truly got the better of me.

When I arrived and asked about the reservations, my boss’ boss arrived and said to the receptionist,

“Hey, she is with me.”

I greeted her, and her warm smile welcomed me as I walked behind her to the table. We introduced ourselves, and the conversation was so friendly that I wondered why I had panicked. As we finished our meal, wine was ordered. One of the team members tasted the wine and approved it before it was served to the whole team.

This made me think about the kingdom of God.

  1. The Lord blesses whoever he wants, and only he opens and closes doors. He does not need to consult anyone or anything. Promotions do not come from the east or the west but from him. Therefore, when the Lord elevates you, trust him to sustain you. You don’t need to be nervous or compare yourself with others at the same table with you. Remember that the Lord brought you to the table, so trust and honor him.
  2. As my colleague tasted the wine, I kept thinking about the Word of God. Through the crushing and pressing of our life’s journey, the Lord is preparing us for a bigger purpose and wants to ensure our character aligns with the blessing he is about to unfold. This new character is in a different form, as it has been crushed and pressed—just like wine. The Lord wants to taste the new wine to ensure it’s ready before serving us to the world. Alleluia.

May we be found ready to be served. The Holy Spirit in us is for us, but the anointing upon us is for the church. Let us embrace the change process, knowing the outcome is assured in Christ.

As you transition in your new job, I pray that your heart will be pure and you will embrace the transition with the knowledge that the Lord is making new wine out of you. He is within you, and you shall not fail. He shall help you at the break of day!