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The week begins, “Happy Monday!” and the expectation of being Christ-like (daily surrender) becomes a reality.
How do I integrate my faith into my workplace? How will I be perceived? Is it practical? Are there more out
there in same dilemma? Is my workplace important to God? Yes, these are some of the questions I struggled with
in my career that led me to seek God and better understand His thoughts on Faith and Work.It is during this time
of my search that I discovered Faith plays a vital role in our workplaces, just as it does in all
other spheres of our life.

Not only did my discovery lead me to publish the book, “Exercising My Faith in the Marketplace,
“but I felt the need to have a platform where believers can find real time guidance to all
their challenges while at work that are in line with Godly principles and instructions.


Imaniworks, came from a Swahili word, Imani, which means “Faith”. How to go about our daily working life as a Christian is very challenging, bearing in mind the secularized environment which we are subjected to. As children of God empowered by the Holy Spirit, we are expected to be salt and light to this very environment. What does that look like at your workplace?

Interactive approaches

Imaniworks, an online platform, is a community of believers united to bring the Transforming power of Christ into the marketplace.

Are you that person?

We all rise when we let our Light Shine .  Are you that person who want to bring the transforming Power of Christ into your workplace?

More from the founder

Its not easy living out your faith at work but the workplace you are in right now is where God wants you to be as nothing just happens to those who are in Christ Jesus(Godincidences)  .My Faith Journey became real no sooner as I stepped into the workplace as it was here that I continuously discover who God is , His purpose for me and who am (Self) .

Am excited about Imaniworks  and the learnings from it ,Connections  with other brothers and sisters in faith across the globe  all for Gods Glory.

Join me as we   grow together in knowledge of Faith and Work .

Caroline Mbanacho has written a fast read, filled with spiritual insights for her still-unfolding walk at work. From her start as the first child in her family to attend University, to her continuing “climb” up the corporate ladder, Caroline shows what it looks like to be “faith active” at work. It requires the faith to believe that God has prepared Good Works in advance for us, that He will work alongside us in even the toughest circumstances, and that who we become spiritually at work is ultimately more important than what we accomplish in human terms. I highly recommend this book for any Christian wrestling through the joys and challenges of walking out Christian faith at work.

Chuck Proudfit Founder and President At Work on Purpose

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