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Fed to Feed Others

Whenever I make up my mind to Fast and Pray, do all kinds of food seem tasty, including those I previously would call bitter herbs. To deal with this mental challenge, I keep my mind occupied with the “why” or reason for the Fast. Allow me to ask: How has your appetite lately been of … Continue reading “Fed to Feed Others”


COVID -19 Never in the history of humankind has the human race been forced to a lockdown. But here am I in a lockdown. As I reflect on this abrupt disruption that has caused shock waves to humanity, the following comes to mind : Point 1: Each one of us is affected one way or … Continue reading “Reflections”

Empowered for Workplace

Happy New Year and decade! It is the time when most companies close their financial year, and employees get appraised. Congratulations to those who got blessed with promotions, new Jobs and assignments, bonuses, Etc. For those who may have felt short-changed, unfairly evaluated, and overlooked for promotion, bonus, salary increments, etc. whatever that is, it … Continue reading “Empowered for Workplace”

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