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Faith At Work Conference (k) – FAW 2021

The theme for this years  Conference is Purposeful  Leadership .

Purpose Leadership plays a key role in any society. Infact  Society is molded by it. Due to the key position, it occupies it has come to our understanding that most Christians in their areas of influence have no clear understanding of what type of Leadership skill is needed to be effective in their purposes. This has led to the generalization of leadership skills causing failures at an alarming rate. We do agree that there are basic skills that any leader should have like honesty, integrity, authenticity, etc. but when it comes to effectiveness then knowing the unique leadership skill for the environment and position one is placed is mandatory in helping become all that God created us to be i.e. salt and light.

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Purposeful Leadership

 1. What does Purpose Leadership looks like.  

2. The how what, and why this is key in the execution of purpose 

We in Imaniworks believe you will be Informed -Inspired -Impacted with practical steps relevant to your faith at Work.

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Marketplace  and Ministry Speakers for 2021

Ed Silvoso

Bishop Phillip Kitoto

Caroline Kusimba

Todd Geist


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Date and Venue

Venue: Zoom Webinar
Date : 13th November 2020
Time : 10.00 a.m -12.00 p.m. (U.S.A Time)

6.00 p.m -9.00 p.m. (Kenya Time)

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