No sooner did I reach the road intersection than I discovered the traffic lights set and all these cars coming to a stop at various road signs, all in line with traffic rules.

As the lights changed from Red to Yellow to Green, so did the cars move. They stopped, they waited, and they moved altogether.

In my Early days of learning to drive, I would find myself confused about the set of traffic lights to get my instruction.

Most traffic light poles converged in one central point, making it hard to know which sets are for which lanes. My husband would say, “The one right ahead of you. “Yesterday, the instruction replayed in my mind as I came to a stop at an intersection, facing many poles of traffic lights. …..His voice, “The one right ahead of you,” sounded so fresh in my mind.

The traffic rules are like God’s Commands.

The traffic lights of red, yellow, and green represent our life’s journey.

These are paths we are privileged to walk as God’s children through the blood of Christ. While the power to bring our car to a stop, move or wait can be compared to the Holy Spirit’s power that brings into being God’s promises in our life.

Obedience to traffic rules is essential. So is obedience to the Word of God. An instruction to either wait, go, or stop needs to be fully obeyed and trusted. These means promptly and fully surrendering and yielding to His ways, knowing very well that all things work for the good to those that love Him.

The Holy Spirit is our best friend and is all the power we need.

Once we hear God’s specific word, we need to remember that He promises to be with us and guide us to the next step. Even if we are scared by the “what if?” or “But…”, learning to trust the Holy Spirit’s guidance and power will prove in our favor.

Focus on God and what He requires of you: We should remain focused on God, and the path set ahead of us and not be distracted by other peoples’ ways. While the sign is a “go” for one, it is a “wait” for others and “stop” for others. It is paramount to remember that we are all walking different paths in life at different times.

Keep your eyes focused on your way, and let His Spirit guide you.

Others may appear to be going in the same direction as you, but even they are in their lanes. Those ahead of you in the same path are those needed as mentors and coaches, In His perfect timing for all involved, we can pray to be divinely connected to them as they will help us learn what’s ahead.

And there are those coming up whom you will mentor or coach.

Invitation to prayer :
Lord, help me to remain focused on the leading of your Holy Spirit in my life. Please help me to Trust and Obey you, even when I don’t know the outcome. Open my spiritual eyes to see the signs ahead of me and open my mind to what the symbols mean.  Amen.