Empowered for Workplace

Happy New Year and decade! This is the time when companies close their financial year and employees get to be evaluated for their previous year’s performance through the appraisal process. Congratulations are in order to those who managed to be blessed with promotions, new Jobs and assignments, bonuses etc. Am also aware of those who … Continue reading “Empowered for Workplace”

Greater Things

In our daily lives, we desire to do great things. Jesus said greater things will we do than he. He also said John the Baptist was greater among children born of women, yet even that is still lower compared to the great things we shall do as children of God. And I thought, What is … Continue reading “Greater Things”

Hearing God at Work:

As the reminder email popped up in my inbox, I knew this was one of those meetings I did not want to miss. The end of the month was approaching, and the anticipated employee benefits meeting was to start in 15 minutes. As I listened to the presentation, many thoughts ran through my mind, leading … Continue reading “Hearing God at Work:”

Heaven’s Economy

I have always admired diplomats and ambassadors. They get to travel widely and enjoy the privileges of their home country in this part of the world. These families are often exposed to global settings. How can they not be? For ambassadors of a particular country, their privileges are laid out as follows: 1. Pay – … Continue reading “Heaven’s Economy”