Happy New Year and decade!

It is the time when most companies close their financial year, and employees get appraised. Congratulations to those who got blessed with promotions, new Jobs and assignments, bonuses, Etc.

For those who may have felt short-changed, unfairly evaluated, and overlooked for promotion, bonus, salary increments, etc. whatever that is, it doesn’t negate the fact that the Lord has an excellent plan for you in this season of double portion because we’re standing on higher ground.

Why is this so?

Reference 2 Kings 2

When Elijah was about to be taken to heaven, he asked Elisha to stay behind in Bethel, but Elisha would hear none of it. Bethel was the place where Abram built the Altar of the Lord. It is also here where God revealed himself to Jacob.

Elijah Continued with Elisha, and when they reached Jericho Elijah again, asked Elisha to remain behind, but he would hear none of it. Jericho was the place where Israelites went seven times around its walls while praising the Lord. The Jericho walls came down just as the Lord had promised.

The last position was Jordan, and for the third time, Elijah asked Elisha to remain behind, but he stood his ground and would hear none of it. Jordan was where the Lord parted the Sea for the Israelites to cross over to their promised land.

Three attempts to have Elisha remain behind failed terribly. Elijah eventually asked Elisha, “ what would you like me to do before I am taken away from you” Elisha responded, “ Let me inherit a double portion of your spirit. “

Elijah knew this was a hard request but promised Elisha it would be fulfilled when he does see him taken away.

How does this relate to our workplace?

We are the Temple of the Lord, and HE desires to reveal all about his kingdom to us.

We are guaranteed answers to our prayers if done in the name of Jesus Christ. Friends, what would you like the Lord to do for your organization? Career? Etc.

Are you willing to Surrender all to HIM, and receive his revealed strategies and ideas that will catapult you to a higher level of excellence, creativity, integrity?

You are as good as your last revelation and best as your previous obedience to it.

Always give thanks to the Lord for where he has placed you to do his assignment.

Refuse to take offense from those who negatively interfere with your promotion, bonus, salary increment, etc. The Lord is not running out of options of blessing you.

Learn to be thankful and allow him to work out the negativities for your good.

The Lord is our source, and the Job our resource no matter what happens, he will make way for us. Nothing could hold him from bringing the Israelites to the promised land, and nothing will keep him from bringing us to a place of fruitfulness at our workplace.

He who started a good work in us is faithful and Just to bring it to completion.

Elisha came back with a Double portion of Elijah’s Anointing.

You are returning to your workplace, having been empowered spiritually, physically, and mentally with a double anointing to bring heaven on earth.

Make it your business to allow HIM to be your all in all this year!