In our daily lives, we desire to do great things. Jesus said greater things would we do than he.

He also said John the Baptist was greater among children born of women, yet even that is still lower compared to the great things we shall do as children of God.

And I thought, What is this great thing I can do that surpasses John the Baptist and the Lord’s works while here on earth?

The Lord performed almost every miracle imaginable, and John the Baptist spent his entire life baptizing—including baptizing Jesus.

Let’s look at the first scenario where Jesus says we shall do greater things than him.

Jesus was both man and God on earth, but when he went to the cross, he died as a man-powered by the Holy Spirit. (Hallelujah! the devil was defeated in his territory, making God’s kingdom superior to the earthly realm.)

As a child of God, you need to bring this superior kingdom here on earth, as you are his ambassador.

That’s why it’s intolerable that you lack or live below abundant life since his kingdom is full of abundance.

When you and I partner with the Holy Spirit, we bring heaven on earth and, by default, a witness for him. Witnessing is the greatest commission given to humanity, so when we do this, we are doing a much greater work than our Lord did. Faith is grown by hearing the Word, and this faith is the currency that unlocks heaven.
The second scenario focuses on John the Baptist. The second greatest commission was baptizing in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Not all of us are ordained to baptize, so does this disqualify us? Of course not.

Baptism leads one to his God-ordained purpose. We can all be a bridge the Lord can use to catapult one to their God-ordained purpose/destiny. These can be done through divine connections, giving your resources, and so on. These are the “greater things,” which all of us are empowered to do.

As you go to your workplace, remember you are God’s witness/ambassador there.

Your great works may or may not be recognized, but the Lord knows everything, even that done in secret, and he will bless you.

May the Lord’s presence go before you to bring boldness and courage as you witness for him, and may his glory fall!