My husband has this thing about closing car doors. He would say, “Close the car door without banging it,” while I’m on the other side thinking the car door is too big and I need to close it with a bang. I have come to realize that he truly loves his car and will know everything that happens to it . . . yeah, men with their toys.

My dad constantly reminded me that he lived a good life, and I would ask him how. He said, “I am past 70 years old and have lived to see my 11 grandchildren. I have lived longer than any of my family members, and surely any extra year is a bonus from God.” As I ponder these words, I am reminded that the world has made us focus on things instead of people. The world has made us believe we need to seek power, money, and fame—and we kill, steal, and destroy to achieve this.

The world has its priorities reversed, and human relationship has been replaced with technology. Don’t get me wrong—it’s not bad to have power, money, or fame, but don’t let it be your focus or the core of your existence.
So what is holding it loosely all about?

The only reason we are here on earth is to worship God. Everything we have and know has been made available to us by God. My friend, the things we think belong to us do not—they all belong to God, even our children and spouses. We must reflect Jesus in everything we do—in bringing up our children and in our relationships—using the resources we have to steward the kingdom of God.

My dad counted his family as the greatest achievement of his life, and he constantly reminded us to thank God always. He knew we, his nine girls, belonged to God but were gifted to him by God.

In the workplace environment, it’s easy to fall into the culture of politics to climb the corporate ladder, forgetting your position and presence there is to be God’s witness. The Word of God says promotion does not come from the east or west—it comes from God.

My dear friends, let’s hold everything loosely, knowing all these material things are vanity and only our soul and spirit will go to heaven. Thank God for all you have and use it for God’s glory!

Always remember “Hold everything loosely and the Word of God tightly in your heart”!