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Faith At Work Conference (k) – FAW 2019

This years Conference is themed around Worship . Worship is Core to our existence. Some of the nuggets we shall be exploring are: .

From the wow to the how – Christians are increasingly remembering that work is a form of worship, but we’ll be looking at HOW to start integrating faith and work.

The significance of the city – all across the world, people are increasingly moving from rural to urban areas, so faith at work in the city is a strategic spot we’ll be exploring.”

Mobilizing the 99% – only 1% of working Christians are employed in the local church, so we’ll be looking at faith/work integration in business, education and government.

Work as an Act of Worship

This years Conference is themed around Worship and work . With Worship being Core to our existence .How will this look like in our work if applied?


Marketplace  and Ministry Speakers for 2019

Pastor Angie Murenga ,C.E.O – Kingdom Business Solutions

Angie Murenga Presentation 

Angie Murenga is the C.E.O. of Kingdom Business Solutions (KBS), an ordained minister, a Certified Executive Leadership & Life Coach in the marketplace, an Author, a Mentor, an Inspirational Speaker and a mother.

Chuck Proudfit, President – AtWork Purpose, USA

Chuck Proudfit Presentation 

Chuck is an avid educator, he developed his management expertise at The Procter & Gamble Company, The Ernest & Julio Gallo Winery, and LensCrafters Corporation. Chuck pioneered Harvard University’s organizational development curriculum.


Tickets 2,500 Kshs

Date and Venue

Venue: Strathmore Business School
Date : 9th November 2019
Time : 9.00 a.m -5.00 p.m.


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