I have always admired diplomats and ambassadors. They get to travel widely and enjoy their home country’s privileges in this part of the world. The families get exposed to global settings.

How can they not be? For ambassadors of a particular country, their privileges are laid out as follows:

1. Pay – They’re paid according to their home country’s guidelines, with adjustments made for the market rate.

2. Benefits – The benefits fall in line with those of the home country, especially medical benefits. They must go to the hospitals prescribed for them.

3. Security – If anything goes wrong, the military of their home country is made aware of rescue.

4. Location – The location of the ambassador and his offices is deemed the home country’s jurisdiction.

How does this tie into the kingdom of God? What does it mean when the Bible says we are ambassadors? The fundamental truth is that you represent Jesus Christ here on earth, together with his kingdom.

The following are some things we can learn about being an ambassador of God and his kingdom:

1. PayGod determines the Pay; (therefore, silver and gold belong to the Lord.), which is guaranteed and beyond the need, expectation, and desire. He says he will provide for us and gave the sparrow analogy for us to understand that his Pay is not only in monetary terms but non-monetary.

The Lord Provides us with what money can buy but blesses us with what money cannot buy.

2. BenefitsHis stripes have already cured all our sicknesses. Therefore, as ambassadors, disease is intolerable, as that is not in the kingdom, and you cannot have what’s not in God’s kingdom. By faith, we unlock kingdom resources and benefits.

3.SecurityWhenever we are in trouble, the Lord releases his angels and the Holy Spirit to fight the battle. God promised he would preserve those who have their hope in the Lord and protect them from death and famine. He surrounds us the way Mt. Zion surrounds Jerusalem, now and forever.

His faithfulness is our shield.

4. Location – As an ambassador of God’s kingdom, wherever your footsteps, you occupy and inherit the land. Wherever you are, claim it because it’s your inheritance in Jesus’ name! I am an ambassador of God on earth; thus, my providence is as it is in heaven—unlocked by faith. Alleluia to the lamb!

As you step into your workplace, know that you’re bringing God with you, as the kingdom of God is in you.

Heaven’s jurisdiction depends on your carrying it around so others can experience heaven here on earth.